Big Gull West Cottage AssociationBig Gull West Cottage Association

Our Association

The Big Gull Lake West Cottage Association was created to ensure our cottagers enjoy an environmentally safe and secure place for all of our cottagers. Our area is a true vacation paradise where our families and our friends can enjoy a pleasureable atmosphere for vacation time and holiday time throughout the year. Our Association exists to provide representation, assistance and leadership for our members on issues affecting their interests and to encourage environmental stewardship of the lake and our area. All of our members share a great passion for our lake and a commitment to preservation and enjoyment of the lake for years to come. We encourage involvment of all of our members on issues including aquatic and terrestrial environment , land and water preservation and promotion of fair taxation for all of our members.

**Members are encouraged to attend our Yearly meeting and to volunteer for our Executive when called upon.**

Our Lake

Situated East of the hamlet of Harlowe Ontario on a peninsula jutting out into Earl's Bay to the South and the larger section of Upper Big Gull Lake to the West, our cottagers enjoy a enviornment that brings together all the elements for a vacation paradise. The Big Gull Lake West Cottage Association is dedicated to preserving our properties and environment for all our current cottagers and for our children and their children for years to come. Big Gull Lake is one of the largest and most beautiful natural lakes in the Land of Lakes region. Since 1967 Chimney Point Lane and Gull Lake Lane has been a summer destination for many different families through out the years. Some original residents are still cottage owners and their families are now part of the Big Gull Lake community of residents.

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Directions for Guests

The west bay access is reached from Highway #41 (from the south) or Road 506 (from the north or Plevna). From #41 turn onto Harlowe Road and follow it past the 4-way stop at Kashawakamak Lake Road. Once across Kash. Lake Rd Harlowe Rd. becomes Gull Lake Road. Turn right at the mailboxes to continue on Gull Lake Road. 900m past the mailboxes is Earl's Bay Rd. Gull Lake Rd. continues and in another 2km you can continue straight to access Chimney Point Road, ar turn right on to Gull Lake Lane. From Plevna follow Road 506 south and turn left onto Myers Cave Rd. Stay on Myers Cave Rd (a left turn) where it meets/turns into Wintergreen Rd. Follow Myers Cave Rd. to Harlowe Rd, turn left onto Harlowe Rd and follow the directions above.

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Camping Sites

A large lake, Big Gull is located in the southern portion of North Frontenac Park Lands. There are 30 campsites on the lake (including 6 on Quebec lake, a small lake to the north accessible from Big Gull by canoe), nearly half of which are on its many islands offering secluded solitude and breathtaking sunsets. Big Gull is a bird watchers paradise and renowned as a nesting area for Hawks and Ospreys. Portions of the east and west bays of this roughly 12 mile long lake are lightly populated with seasonal cottages. Click the link below to see a map of campsites.

Vital Statistics

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Big Gull Lake West Cottage Association consists of: 43 Cottages on Gull Lake Lane, Chimney Point Lane West Gull Island, Rifle Island, and Cuddy's Pine Cove Camp Concession 2, North Frontenac Township Plan 1566, 1557, Lots 1 to 21 Plan 1325, Lots 1 to 19 Island #1, and Rifle Island Vital Statistics : Nearest Town - Harlowe, Ontario Acres - 5,840 Shoreline - 88 km (54 miles) Length - 24 km (14 miles) Mean Depth - 3.96 metres (12.9 feet) Max Depth - 25.9 metres (84.9 feet) Drainage - Missisipi Lake Type - Natural Fish species - Large Mouth Bass, Small Mouth Bass, Walleye, Natural Perch, Rock